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Top Links of the Week for Pursuing Excellence

It is the desire of the entire RCI Team to join with you in your pursuit of excellence, organizationally and personally.

Every week we will compile a list of articles that we have found to be particularly helpful relating to Leadership, Human Resources, Operational Excellence, Data Analytics, Quality, and Supply Chain Management.

The use of the internet has penetrated the areas such as availing information, purchasing products, acquiring services, and any aspect a consumer can think of from a business. With the internet taking over almost every business sector today, making your business stand out of the box has become essentially critical for your company’s growth.

The manufacturing sector faces a high risk of ransomware attacks and is seen as a high value target by hackers. For some manufacturing facilities, files are only stored locally and this can increase the risk and leave a manufacturing facility largely unable to defend itself against ransomware threats.

Supply chain management is one of the most important factors in a company’s success. SCM is complex, yes. SCM is a part of the business with many facets, yes. But if it is done properly, it can produce amazing things. Too often, though, SCM is way down on a company’s priority list, the last one in the pecking order, with no power at all.

Our professional lives are generally consumed by trying to make our processes more efficient to reduce waste and help increase the value we deliver to our customers. Our personal lives are similarly consumed by trying to find time on our busy schedules to take care of chores, have meaningful time with the family, or to simply take a breath. We are always in search of new tools and methods to make us more efficient, but the more time we find the more we find to fill it.

A record number of employees are quitting or thinking about doing so. Organizations that take the time to learn why—and act thoughtfully—will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.

Over the last 18 months, many business leaders have seen the benefits that remote working brings and how it can complement the traditional office-based environment. These benefits have led to the development of a new concept known as hybrid working.

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