Today’s leaders are challenged to be radically different from those of the past and from those that most of us have been exposed to. The shift from decision-maker and ‘chief doer’ to ‘chief enabler’ is a fundamental change in the skill-set and responsibilities of today’s leader. The role is not so much to be the leader, to enable the leader in each of us. The yard-stick is not so much how the leader performs, as to how each person being led performs.


At RCI, we know that these new skills can be taught and that, therefore, they can be learned. Newly learned skills can be demonstrated and, therefore, practiced and coached. We teach and coach leadership behavior to organizations, aligning leaders’ behaviors to organizational values, showing the leaders’ role in promoting shared accountability and mobilizing the organization toward common objectives and how today’s leader promotes innovation and drives change. We work with your leaders, teaching them to be sincere in creating safe working environments where their employees work together to experiment around innovation and change.  



RCI understands that most organizations seek to have employees act on their own initiative and be provided with the knowledge and skills to use that authority. Effective leaders give organizations a competitive edge. That’s why those that are best at developing leaders consistently outperform their peers. RCI will help your people understand their current skills and leadership style, and how their role relates to the organization’s strategic goals. RCI will help put in place the mechanisms and support to bring about lasting change, so your leaders keep on improving, and make a real impact on your business. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to develop better leaders - Leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for the businesses of tomorrow.





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