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Top Links of the Week for Pursuing Excellence

It is the desire of the entire RCI Team to join with you in your pursuit of excellence, organizationally and personally.

Every week we will compile a list of articles that we have found to be particularly helpful relating to Leadership, Human Resources, Operational Excellence, Data Analytics, Quality, and Supply Chain Management.

Hurricane Ida, bearing high winds and the likelihood of flooding rain as it strikes the Louisiana coast, could damage the energy-heavy Gulf Coast economy and potentially have economic consequences well beyond the region.

End-market customer concerns about the environment and sustainability—fueled by stakeholder pressure—are prompting the machinery industry to focus on energy transition across the value chain.

It’s widely accepted these days that sustaining excellence long term requires customer focus and continuous improvement. Organizations increasingly realize that people capable of thinking and solving problems are their greatest asset.

With machine learning now being behind many technologies, from Netflix’s recommendation algorithm to self-driving cars, it’s time for businesses to start taking a closer look. In this article, we will discuss the future of machine learning and its value throughout industries.

The manufacturing industry is constantly looking for improved solutions to speed up production and automate large scale industrial processes. In this post, we wish to throw some light on power bi data analytics implementations and how they can bring a transformation for the manufacturing industry. 

As many organizations welcome back staff to cubicles and conference rooms, employees have mixed feelings about the move. Some are eager to dissect the latest bingeable TV shows by the coffeemaker, while others will, apparently, pass up significant financial and career perks to continue working from home.


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