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Client Industry: Manufacturing; Chemical

Solution Category: Business Intelligence; Consulting

Length of Project: 6 months

ROI: 32.4 million in added revenue


Manufacturers struggle to capture data. The organizations that are capturing the correct information often have it so muddled that nobody is able to analyze it and discover meaningful trends and find valuable solutions. Dashboards allow management to see the data in a translatable fashion, presenting the data in a format that offers immediate value.

Project Summary

RCI redesigned the once cumbersome data entry systems, replacing line-by-line entry with simple, error checking forms. With the forms having validation capabilities, the data comes pre- scrubbed and user error is evaded from the get-go. Then the database is automatically updated with every new entry, and the data is reflected in the well-designed dashboard; ready for analysis.

Impact & ROI

Executives, managers, and employees can automatically track OEE, downtime, throughput, quality, and safety metrics relating to production and forecast accuracy, sales channel performance, inventory levels and cost, schedule adherence, supplier performance, and backorders for supply chain.

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