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RCI Now Offering Yellow Belt Training!

Problem-solving is a vital skill for team members to possess in any organization. Countless man hours and money is lost when people do not have a simple and effective way to solve problems.

The RCI Yellow Belt Training is a 3-Day course, where our Master Black Belt will teach your team the Toyota A-3 methodology for solving problems. Participants will learn the basic DMAIC model and apply it to a specific problem he or she is currently facing at work. Each participant will be coached and mentored throughout the process to the end goal of solving their particular problem.

About Our Instructor

Joe Noble is a Master Black Belt who has taught Lean Six Sigma nationwide and around the globe for Merck and Bayer. He has been a Continuous Improvement leader in the industry for over 30 years, as a practitioner, coach, and instructor. Joe's primary concern is that training participants not only learn lean principles in the classroom, but more importantly he wants them to learn to apply those principles within their organizations in order to drive continuous improvement.

For more information about the Yellow Belt Training or other services offered by RCI, please contact us at or 218.791.7113.

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