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Top Links of the Week for Pursuing Excellence

It is the desire of the entire RCI Team to join with you in your pursuit of excellence, organizationally and personally.

Every week we will compile a list of articles that we have found to be particularly helpful relating to Leadership, Human Resources, Operational Excellence, Data Analytics, Quality, and Supply Chain Management.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”, is arguably the best-known quote of Dr. William Edwards Deming, an influential American statistician and management consultant. Certainly, KPIs in HR – key performance indicators – are crucial to making the most out of data about personnel, and the workforce as a whole.

Manufacturers are moving facilities closer to home, which presents an opportunity to upgrade to smart factory infrastructure. It also means making critical decisions about facility investments, strategy, technology, and people.

As procurement pros seek deeper relationships with suppliers, they often find vital information is not available in digital forms.

After COVID-19 shut down most professional sports leagues last year, fans have been eagerly returning to games and matches. But what will keep them coming back after the pandemic?

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