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Managers Are Most Effective Leading From the Front Lines: An Overview of the Tier Process.

The right process will produce the right results. All leaders desire to see their organization achieve excellence (aka: the right results). However, due to the daily grind of keeping the production wheel turning and putting out fires, they don't always have the time to evaluate the processes that they are relying on to achieve these results.

One of the primary ways an organizational leader can ensure that his or her vision is being promoted and accomplished throughout the organization is to evaluate how information flows from the top down (and vice versa) and how accountability is being maintained.

The Tier Process is a practical application for doing this. The Tier Management Process is a comprehensive system that aligns floor management and development activities to support the achievement of the organization's strategic targets by:

  • Proactively managing key business processes

  • Visibly communicating current operational performance

  • Making problems visible

  • Enabling quick identification and resolution of root causes

  • Making accountability and the status of actions visible

  • Engaging and empowering the workforce in making improvements

The aim of the Tier Process is that managers will carry out their management tasks on the shop floor with their workforce, and is a critical control mechanism to sustain and drive continuous improvement and manage performance. It is a process that allows an organization to solve small problems before they become big ones and effect the Customer Experience.

The aim of this post was simple: to provide you with a high level introduction to the concept of the Tier Process. Over the next couple of weeks we will descend from high altitude and observe the what, why, and how of this management process from the ground level.

If you would like more information about assessing and improving your current management process, please contact us at or call us at 423.521.5876.


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